PeepsPay Review – Is PeepsPay a Scam?

by Josh on July 10, 2012

Hey! Josh here,

This is the first of many review segments that are dedicated towards assessing whether new and upcoming paid survey or get paid to sites are legitimate. Each review that will be conducted will undergo an extensive research and background check process to ensure that these sites are worthwhile joining. I have extensive experience doing paid surveys and I will apply the same rigorous standards that I personally use to assess these sites. The following posts are a concise summary of my final verdict as to the legitimacy of the site.

In my first review, I will be assessing the new and upcoming paid survey site known as PeepsPay, (

Who is behind PeepsPay?

PeepsPay is a new get paid to, paid survey hybrid site that was officially launched on June 19th, 2012. Their parent company is International Interactive Ventures. However, currently, not much is known about this company at all. Specific company details such as the number of employees, business headquarters locations and a working phone number are not provided at all. The only means of contact is through their Facebook page and a contact form on their website. The website registration details are private. As of today, there is no registration with the Better Business Bureau nor a TrustE privacy certification. Many users would like this information to be public as it gives them a sense of ease since it gives the impression that there is nothing to hide and if some problems occur, there is a means of speaking to a real person over the phone.

Edit: Upon further research, the founder of PeepsPay is Jenna Walker.

How does PeepsPay work?

PeepsPay markets itself as the first incentivized social network. After joining, I immediately saw the direction of this website. The goal of this website is to essentially become your homepage. PeepsPay wants to become the hub where you do all of your interactions online. They have took elements from various social media outlets such as Facebook, Swagbucks and have combined it into one site. On the side bar, you will see options such as completing surveys, signing up for offers, referring friends, online shopping, coupons, searching the web, posting status updates, playing online games, and checking out daily deals. As you can see, they have indeed combined a lot of the things that people normally do online into one site. Each time you perform one of these actions, you get Peeps Dollars, which you can redeem for money. For example, currently, if you tweet about the new social app Via.Me, you will earn 160 Peeps Dollars. There are many different things you can do to earn these Peeps Dollars. It takes about 5-30 minutes to credit your account once you have completed an action.

What are Peeps Dollars?

Peeps Dollars is the currency of PeepsPay. All your actions that you complete will be paid out with these Peeps Dollars. The current conversion rate is $1000 peeps Dollars equals $1 US dollar. You can receive the payment in Paypal, Amazon Payments or gift cards. Basically, once you have earned enough peeps dollars, you can cash out for actual money. The most popular option is trading in 9,995 peeps dollars for $19.99. But this is only if you have Citizen status in order to sell the peeps dollars back to PeepsPay. If you do not have Citizen status, then you can sell the Peeps Dollars to the other members on the Open Market in the site. Other people on the site will be requesting peeps dollars and you have the option of selling it to them for actual monetary values. Citizen status is earned by become an active member of this community. There is a tiered approach to user status. Everyone when they first join, they are a settler. To level up to the next level, which is resident status, you will have to be a member for 60 days, completed 3 offers and 1 survey and must have $10,000 peeps dollars. To reach the citizen status, you have to be a member on the site for more than 90 days, have more than 25 users that you have referred. At this point on, you can exchange your peeps dollars for the best rate. The problem with this approach is that it will take 3 months of activity before you can make any decent income from this site. And the requirements are pretty strict too. Completing offers usually requires the use of a credit card to sign up for trials, which may or not bill you. Referring 25 users is quite difficult as I usually keep my paid survey fanatic side separate from my friends. I simply do not like profiting off my friends or constantly spamming them with offers at all.

Final Verdict of PeepsPay

The current verdict is that it’s very soon to say whether or not PeepsPay is a legitimate site at all. Because it is only a few weeks old, many of the site functions are not yet functional. Users will have to spend 90 days on the site before they can exchange peeps dollars from and they will have to shell out money to complete offers and spend time recruiting members for them. The community where you trade your peeps dollars for real monetary value from other users is currently disabled and not functional at all. The current withdrawal threshold is $10. I do not like how the contact details, the company information are all private and protected. There needs to be a sense of who the people behind PeepsPay is to give it some authenticity. I will continue updating this post when more reports and testimonials of PeepsPay flood in. In the mean while, the current verdict is you could try it if you have a lot of free time and nothing else to do.

They offer a $5 free bonus just for signing up. Visit PeepsPay’s official site here.

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