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The world is in a tougher recession than we’ve seen in decades. Most of the younger generations today have never seen a recession. The idea that there’s simply no work out there for them, that there’s no way to bring home a paycheck is a hard reality to face.

While some economists say that the economy is improving, others say that calamity is just around the corner. Instead of relying on the job markets, hoping for them to improve with little control over your own future, it’s much better to take things into your own hands and figure out a second source of income.

If you have spare time but not spare money, one easy way to trade that time for money is through filling out paid surveys online. These are surveys are administered by market research firms who need to compile consumer data for large marketers.

For example, let’s say Coca Cola is thinking of doing a new marketing campaign specifically targeting parents aged 30 to 39. To gather data about their buying habits, they’d go to a research company. The research company would come to you and ask you a bunch of questions, then pay you for the answers. They’ll do this several thousand times, then hand the results to Coca Cola.

It’s really as easy as answering questions. The process is fun, sometimes mentally stimulating and the pay is great. Best of all, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home, without ever having to face a boss or a work schedule.

The key to making good money taking surveys is to sign up to a lot of different survey sites and to take many surveys. Each individual survey doesn’t pay a lot of money, but when you take a lot of surveys at a time, your pay adds up very quickly.

Make sure you fill out each survey company’s demographic details and profile information as completely as possible. This information will be used to match you up against surveys. The more data they have to match you with, the more surveys you can take and the more you’ll get paid.

There are many survey companies online. Some are great, while the vast majority is scams. By and large, any company that tries to charge you to join is a scam. Unless you’ve been in the industry for a while, it can be a little challenging to root out the scams and find the gems. That’s why we’ve decided to do the work for you.

These are our top five picks for the best survey companies, based on the number of surveys they have for you to take, their pay, their security of consumer data and their reputation. Sign up for these five sites and you can expect your first paycheck in just a few short weeks.

#1 – Project Payday

Project Payday

Project Payday works a little different than most online survey companies. Instead of filling out surveys, you’re filling out free online offers. A whopping 13 out of 14 trial participants with zero previous experience filling out surveys or making money online were able to make $200 to $2,500 in 30 days using Project Payday.

While the system takes a day or so to get used to, the amount you can make is astounding. In fact, the company is so confident in their ability to help you make money that they offer an incredibly unique guarantee: Read the first 17 pages of their instruction booklet, follow the instructions and if you don’t make $50, they’ll pay you $100.

Project Payday has been accredited with the BBB since November 2010 and maintains an A rating, a very difficult and impressive feat.

#2 – MySurvey USA


MySurvey was first founded as the National Family Opinion group in 1946, over 60 years ago. Their reputation is well known both throughout the consumer research industry and in the survey taking industry.

MySurvey is part of an international research group that conducts surveys in more than 70 different countries. They have a very reliable reputation for paying on time. They’re certified by TRUSTe, an internationally recognized online credibility accreditation agency.

The signup process is free and takes just a few minutes. Once you’re in the system, you’ll initially have access to just the lower paying 10 to 100 point surveys. By filling out these lower paying surveys, you’ll quickly gain access to higher paying 1,000 point surveys. Every 1,000 points is worth $10. You can receive payments in check or through PayPal.

Start by signing up for MySurvey and taking a few of the smaller surveys. This will get you in the system and help MySurvey figure out what tests you qualify for.

#3 – Global Test Market

Global Test Market

Global test market is one of the larger and more reputable survey sites out there. They have over 1,400 companies that they conduct research for, across all kinds of industries, including cars, movies, household goods and more. They operate out of 60 different countries and have an A+ rating with the BBB.

Since its founding, Global Test Market has awarded over $30,000,000 in rewards to survey participants. Wouldn’t you like to get a slice of that pie?

Each survey you take on the site awards about 50 points, which is worth $2.50 in cash. Some surveys pay higher. The key with earning a good income is to fill out a lot of surveys. If you can fill out 10 surveys an hour each paying $2.50, you’ll earn $25 an hour filling out surveys. You can get paid via PayPal or check.

One incredible feature that Global Test Market offers is points for failed surveys. If you try and take a survey only to find that you didn’t qualify for it, you’ll still get awarded 5 points.

Joining is 100% free. From joining the program to taking your first paid survey takes just minutes. You can be earning money in as little time as it takes to read this page!

Your contact information will never be shared. Global Test Market’s clients will only be able to identify you by your demographic, not with your personal data.

#4 – Toluna


Toluna is a market research website with over 4 million members worldwide. They have a USA office based in Texas and an international headquarters in Paris. They’ve acquired several smaller market research and survey firms, including Greenfield Online and Your2Cents to build up a truly amazing array of surveys for you to take.

Each survey you take is worth between 3000 points up to 15,000 points, worth between $1 and $5 in cash. However, Toluna offers something unique that none of the other sites offer – the ability to write opinions or take sponsored polls. These will also award you points for filling these out.

One unique feature offered by Toluna is the ability to take polls on the go with their iPhone app. Don’t want to sit at home filling out surveys? What if you could do it in your down time instead? While you’re on the bus, waiting for a friend or eating lunch, just fill out a few surveys from your phone!

You’re paid in check. You can also choose to receive your payment in Facebook Credits or any number of other gifts.

#5 – NPD Online Research

NDP Surveys

NPD Online Research is a research firm specializing in working with manufacturers and retailers. They’ve been around since 1967 and work with both mid sized companies and Fortune 500 companies.

From video games to footwear, from food to IT, from home improvement to apparel, if it’s something you buy, chances are NPD Online Research has surveys around it. They work in 18 vastly different industries, each selling a product that almost everyone uses.

Signing up for NPD Online Research is free and takes only a few minutes. In fact, just by signing up for an account, you’ll be entered into a sweepstakes to win a $1,000 prize. In fact, as long as you continue to take at least one survey a month, you’ll automatically be entered into a drawing for a $1,000 prize.

After extensive research, these are the five top companies we’ve found in the online survey industry.

Where to Go From Here

If you want to turn your time into cash without having to find a job, taking surveys from home is a fast, easy and free way to do it. It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you live, what your ethnicity is, how much you earn or what kind of products you do and don’t buy. Research companies want to hear your opinion – And they’re willing to pay you for it.

Again, you need to sign up for several survey sites to ensure that you get enough volume to make this a real income source. If you read this and don’t take action, your bank account will just stay the same. Don’t wait – Take action now and change your financial future. Sign up to the five sites above to jumpstart your survey career now.


PeepsPay Review – Is PeepsPay a Scam?

by Josh on July 10, 2012

Hey! Josh here,

This is the first of many review segments that are dedicated towards assessing whether new and upcoming paid survey or get paid to sites are legitimate. Each review that will be conducted will undergo an extensive research and background check process to ensure that these sites are worthwhile joining. I have extensive experience doing paid surveys and I will apply the same rigorous standards that I personally use to assess these sites. The following posts are a concise summary of my final verdict as to the legitimacy of the site.

In my first review, I will be assessing the new and upcoming paid survey site known as PeepsPay, (

Who is behind PeepsPay?

PeepsPay is a new get paid to, paid survey hybrid site that was officially launched on June 19th, 2012. Their parent company is International Interactive Ventures. However, currently, not much is known about this company at all. Specific company details such as the number of employees, business headquarters locations and a working phone number are not provided at all. The only means of contact is through their Facebook page and a contact form on their website. The website registration details are private. As of today, there is no registration with the Better Business Bureau nor a TrustE privacy certification. Many users would like this information to be public as it gives them a sense of ease since it gives the impression that there is nothing to hide and if some problems occur, there is a means of speaking to a real person over the phone.

Edit: Upon further research, the founder of PeepsPay is Jenna Walker.

How does PeepsPay work?

PeepsPay markets itself as the first incentivized social network. After joining, I immediately saw the direction of this website. The goal of this website is to essentially become your homepage. PeepsPay wants to become the hub where you do all of your interactions online. They have took elements from various social media outlets such as Facebook, Swagbucks and have combined it into one site. On the side bar, you will see options such as completing surveys, signing up for offers, referring friends, online shopping, coupons, searching the web, posting status updates, playing online games, and checking out daily deals. As you can see, they have indeed combined a lot of the things that people normally do online into one site. Each time you perform one of these actions, you get Peeps Dollars, which you can redeem for money. For example, currently, if you tweet about the new social app Via.Me, you will earn 160 Peeps Dollars. There are many different things you can do to earn these Peeps Dollars. It takes about 5-30 minutes to credit your account once you have completed an action.

What are Peeps Dollars?

Peeps Dollars is the currency of PeepsPay. All your actions that you complete will be paid out with these Peeps Dollars. The current conversion rate is $1000 peeps Dollars equals $1 US dollar. You can receive the payment in Paypal, Amazon Payments or gift cards. Basically, once you have earned enough peeps dollars, you can cash out for actual money. The most popular option is trading in 9,995 peeps dollars for $19.99. But this is only if you have Citizen status in order to sell the peeps dollars back to PeepsPay. If you do not have Citizen status, then you can sell the Peeps Dollars to the other members on the Open Market in the site. Other people on the site will be requesting peeps dollars and you have the option of selling it to them for actual monetary values. Citizen status is earned by become an active member of this community. There is a tiered approach to user status. Everyone when they first join, they are a settler. To level up to the next level, which is resident status, you will have to be a member for 60 days, completed 3 offers and 1 survey and must have $10,000 peeps dollars. To reach the citizen status, you have to be a member on the site for more than 90 days, have more than 25 users that you have referred. At this point on, you can exchange your peeps dollars for the best rate. The problem with this approach is that it will take 3 months of activity before you can make any decent income from this site. And the requirements are pretty strict too. Completing offers usually requires the use of a credit card to sign up for trials, which may or not bill you. Referring 25 users is quite difficult as I usually keep my paid survey fanatic side separate from my friends. I simply do not like profiting off my friends or constantly spamming them with offers at all.

Final Verdict of PeepsPay

The current verdict is that it’s very soon to say whether or not PeepsPay is a legitimate site at all. Because it is only a few weeks old, many of the site functions are not yet functional. Users will have to spend 90 days on the site before they can exchange peeps dollars from and they will have to shell out money to complete offers and spend time recruiting members for them. The community where you trade your peeps dollars for real monetary value from other users is currently disabled and not functional at all. The current withdrawal threshold is $10. I do not like how the contact details, the company information are all private and protected. There needs to be a sense of who the people behind PeepsPay is to give it some authenticity. I will continue updating this post when more reports and testimonials of PeepsPay flood in. In the mean while, the current verdict is you could try it if you have a lot of free time and nothing else to do.

They offer a $5 free bonus just for signing up. Visit PeepsPay’s official site here.

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